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Walk, eat, and create food replicas in Okachi-machi

12,000 JPY

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▼Tour Guide: -Yoshio (former pilot) -Tomohiro (former pilot) -Hideaki (former pilot) -Toshiko (professional tour conductor) Hi! Allow me to show you on a fashionable and culinary walks around Tokyo's Okachi-Machi. We'll even get to see, how the make the food replicas displayed in the videos of the restaurants. ▼Full Program: Tokyo area → Walk-and-eat tour in Okachimachi → Learn how to make food replicas→ Tokyo station Tour duration: 4 hours. ▼Recommended number of people in a group : 1-4 people. ▼What's NOT included: Replica food: 3,000 yen. Food and drink: 1,000 yen and up (depending on choice) Please inform us of: Preferred pick up date, time, and location, after completing the purchase. Thank you!

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