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Visit a Radium Hotspring and improve your health (Guide 4h~7h)

18,000 JPY

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▼Tour Guide: Ikumi (former airline ground staff) o Hi! This spa is one of the two radium spa limestone flower domes in the world (the other one is the United States), and it is incredibly effective! If after staying for two weeks there is no change in your health, you are refunded the full bathing fee. Bathing is separated by gender, and most people are cured by long-term stays. Let's experience the secret hot springs that many local people do not even know about. In addition, although the Tachibawa Cafe that we will visit for lunch is an old mansion designated as an important cultural property, it offers Western food that is often unavailable in Hokkaido. ▼Full Program: You can chose 1.Hakodate airport~Tachikawa tei(lunch)~Lake Onuma~Spa 4hours 2.1.Hakodate airport~Tachikawa tei(lunch)~Lake Onuma~Spa ~Hakodate city or airport.7hours ▼Recommended number of people in a group : 1-4 people. ▼What's NOT included ① Transportation expenses for traveling from Hakodate Airport to lunch and hot springs JR3960 yen × 2 Car rental 7000 yen ~ taxi 25000 yen ~ ② Lunch price 1500 yen ~ ③ bathing charge 1080 yen ④ Room accommodation fee of 6000 yen ~ 2 meals (The amount is less Please inform us of preferred pick up date, time, and location, after completing the purchase.thank you!

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