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Refresh your spirit by visiting the 88 temples`Ohenro`Guide 8H

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▼Guide: Tshihisa (former pilot) Hi! Allow me to help you enhance your spirituality by giving you a tour of the Ohenro (Pilgrim) 88 Temple Pilgrimage. On this tour, we will spend one day visiting only 10 of the 88 temples. However, for those who wish to visit all 88 temples, a 9-day tour can be arranged. I will arrange the course depending on your schedule and transportation will be either by rental car or taxi. ▼Recommended number of people in a group : 1-4 people. ▼What's NOT included -Lunch (price depends on choice) -Rental car (4,000 yen and up) -Taxi (25,000 yen and up) Please inform us of preferred pick up date, time, and location, after completing the purchase.thank you!

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