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Anywhere in Tokyo for Three Hours

9,000 JPY

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Guides: • Haruyo (tour guide, itinerary manager) • Toshiko (tour guide, itinerary manager) • Shinya (tour guide) Full Course: Let’s go to anywhere in the 23 wards of the Tokyo metropolitan area! You are welcome to ask us to arrange an outing to a particular place of interest beforehand, but letting us know on the day of your trip is okay too. Depending on the location, there are some places that may require advanced reservations, so we recommend that you let us know where you would like to go beforehand, but for most places, it should be okay even without reservations! Your guide will escort you to your desired sightseeing area. What’s NOT included: • Transportation fee to the sightseeing area • Other costs, such as entrance fees and the price of lunch Recommended number of people in a group: 1-4 people **When Placing Your Order** In the space for “notes” on the purchase screen, please inform us of your preferred pick up date, time, and location. Thank you!

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