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Former Sumo wrestler is coming completely for you! Let's do some SUMO!

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▼Former Sumo wrestler (sumo wrestler's name/stable) -KATSUHATA / Miyagino -AONONAMI / Isegahama ▼Guide -SHUJI(Sumo referee) -YOSHIKAZU(tour guide) -TOSHIKO(tour guide, itinerary manager) -SHINYA (tour guide) ▼Full program Shibuya→watch the former player’s sumo→practice sumo with theme→photo session with former sumo wrestler →come back to Shibuya Sumo is one of the national sports of Japan. Even if you have seen sumo on TV, practicing it with a sumo wrestler is a whole new experience. In spite of being retired wrestlers, their strength and size are not very different from active wrestlers, since these athletes just retired recently. We welcome people from all ages! Photo sessions can be done at the end of the day, and since we usually book the tour for one group only, a truly personalized experience is guaranteed. ▼Your guide will assist you by making a reservation, as well as escort you to the location. ▼Recommend number of people per group: 1-4 people ▼Notice:Please wear comfortable clothes ▼CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO!! :) **When Placing Your Order** In the space for “notes” on the purchase screen, please inform us of your preferred pickup date, time, and location. Thank you!

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