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Enjoy Magic show!

50,000 JPY

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A magic show just for you! Now you have the opportunity to invite a magician for your home party, birthday party, events of your company or any other occasion! But, wait! You are not going to be only a spectator, prepare your self to become a magician assistance and play some magic with a professional during the show and be part of the fun! We will prepare magic contents and specific activities according to your request, so please feel free to contact us first and we will design a show just for you. Options: Practice magic! 3 times: 1hour × 3 days Price: 100,000 yen You will be able to learn magic from a professional! They will teach you magic (three one-hour classes). Learn how to do magic with us, and then you will perform anytime, anywhere! Why don’t practice magic? Please inform us of: Preferred pick up date, time, and location, after completing the purchase. Thank you!

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