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Walk around KAGURAZAKA

9,000 JPY

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▼Guide: -Toshiko (professional tour conductor) -Yoshikazu(tour guide) ▼Full Program Kagurazaka station (or Iidabashi station)→ Hyogo Alley → Kakurenbo Alley → Akagi Shrine → drop off at Kagurazaka station (or Iidabashi station). Tour duration: 3 hours Let’s go to Kagurazaka, where you can enjoy the Japan of the good old days without leaving Tokyo. Here you will find ancient stone-paved street just like in the Edo-period, a rebuild Japanese old folk house where you can have good coffee and a traditional Japanese restaurant called Ryotei. Come with us and discover the most important old alleys, including the "Hyogo alley" that won the prize of the best city view in Shinjuku. And for the end of the tour, you will also visit a shrine which is popular for being the most fashionable in Tokyo. Enjoy Kagurazaka with Japango! ▼Your guide will escort you to Kagurazaka. ▼Recommended number of people per group:1- 4 people. ▼What’s NOT included: -Transportation fee: around 200 yen (one way) -Food and beverage price: around 1000-1500 yen **When You Placing Your Order** In the space for “notes” on the purchase screen, please inform us of your preferred pick up date, time, and location. Thank you!

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