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Let’s go to fruit picking!

12,000 JPY

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Enjoy fresh fruit picking with Japango! We recommend to you to join the picking tour at the best season of your favorite fruit. Come and share this experience with us! What fruits do you like the most? The farms have different schedules and some of them don’t open every day, also the prices are different according to the season, so please, contact us first to discuss all about it. ▼Full program Closest station from the fruit farm→fruit picking→drop off at the closest station (4-5 hours). ▼The best time to do fruit picking: Early Dec – Late May: Strawberry Late May – Early Jul: Cherries Late Jun – Mid Aug: Peach Late Jun – Late Aug: Blueberry Early Aug – Late Oct: Grapes Mid Aug – Late Oct: Pear Early Sep – Late Nov: Apple Mid Oct – Late Jan: Orange ▼The guide will assist you with booking and also be escorting you to the location. ▼What’s NOT included 1. The fee of strawberry picking (Adult/\1000~\2000) 2. Transportation fee to strawberry farm (approximately \1000 “one-way” from Tokyo) **When Placing Your Order** In the space for “notes” on the purchase screen, please inform us of your preferred the number of participants, pickup date, time and location. Thank you!

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