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Let's go to the acupuncture & aromatherapy massage at Tensinotamago!

12,000 JPY

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We will book an appointment for you with Angel's Egg, an acupuncture and aromatherapy massage salon which is well-known for using acupuncture with a safe procedure during pregnancy. I particularly recommend to you, at present, Japan is very popular, can be both beautiful face and thin face, in the Chinese acupuncture society is also very popular "Fujihara-style beauty acupuncture". Even Japanese artists with high standards of beauty, and celebrities have come to the beauty acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture treatment generally leaves a very painful impression on people, but the needles used in beauty acupuncture are as thin as hair, which basically will not feel any pain. The 30-minute beauty treatment not only lifts the softening facial lines, leaving the skin soft and shiny, but also makes it look at least five years younger. Compared with other acupuncture and moxibustion institutes, you can enjoy "Fujihara-style" beauty treatment which is also praised by Chinese medicine. Not only is it very effective, the price is very favorable. Not only Ginza, popular tourist attractions Shinjuku, Jiyugaoka, but also a physical shop, while you enjoy shopping and Japanese food, you are also invited to the physical shop experience. ●Facial acupuncture: 30 minutes (9,800 yen) ●Other courses Body: 70 minutes (13,800 yen) Body: 90 minutes (15,800 yen) ※Please visit the store directly for the second visit. ▼If you are interested in other courses here, please contact us and we will help you book an appointment. ▼Temporary visitors in Japan for one-time only are welcome as well. The staff in the store are only able to respond in Japanese. If you have something you want to know, please leave us a message beforehand.

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